PictureThink my little cousin counts as a carry on?
post by Alex
After running around for the past week getting together supplies, filling prescriptions, and buying gifts, it is finally time to organize and PACK. There's always the worry of packing too much or not enough or forgetting something incredibly important. In the past I've left packing until the last minute, but with this trip I plan on turning over a new leaf (as you can see I'm only packing the essentials). However packing is just a small detail in what is sure to be an amazing summer.

PictureRuins at Monte Albán
The summer before my freshman year, I spent a week in Oaxaca with some family friends and had a fantastic time. We visited incredible historical sites like Monte Albán and Mitla, shopped in local markets,  and hung out in the Zócalo, or main square of Oaxaca City. I even got to go on a zip-line! I knew I would want to come back to Oaxaca again, but at the time I really didn't know how I could make it happen. Fast forward to halfway though my sophomore year. When I heard about Brook and her research I thought I would take a chance and see if there was any way I could get involved in studying Zapotec over the summer . After brainstorming a few ideas, Brook suggested looking into an internship at Centro San Pablo. I can hardly believe how lucky I am to be able to combine my interest in linguistics with my wish to spend more time in Oaxaca. It's kind of funny to think that before I had even taken one linguistics class I had spent time in the city where just a few years later I would get my first hands on experience.  

That's one of the reasons why I love this picture:

zip-line time!
There I am sporting a Bryn Mawr College sweatshirt completely unaware that connections made through Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges would one day bring me back to Oaxaca. Also my face is hilarious. Cut me some slack I was about to jump off of a cliff. 

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