PictureAbout to land!
Post by Alex and Helen
After a long travel saga, we're finally relaxing in our hotel room at Hotel Las Rosas! Unfortunately, things weren't always this relaxing...

Our trip started uneventfully, as our flight from Philadelphia to Houston, Texas was right on time. Not long after we landed in Texas, we got the bad news that our 6:30 flight to Oaxaca had been delayed. Our departure time kept getting pushed back until our airline eventually cancelled the flight. Apparently, the Oaxaca airport has a curfew after which no planes can land, and we had missed the window of opportunity. On the bright side, we met a really amazing group of friends while waiting! The airline re-booked us for the first direct flight to Oaxaca at 9 am the next morning. Luckily, they also booked us at a really fancy hotel which was a fun diversion!

PictureWe made it!
The next morning, our flight went off without a hitch and we were in Oaxaca around noon! After a thorough security check, we got to our hotel (which is incredible) and started exploring the city. Our hotel is right next to the center of town, el Zócalo, and is also right behind a gorgeous church. We had an amazing lunch at a restaurant called La Casa de la Abuela. From there, we went and explored some beautiful artisan shops that sold handmade baskets, woven and embroidered clothing, black pottery, and alebrijes--brightly painted wooden animals. 

We briefly stopped by el Centro San Pablo to say hello and get a first look at where we will be working. We'll be meeting there tomorrow for a longer tour and to get a more in depth idea of what we'll set out to accomplish this summer.  In the meantime, feel free to browse our photo gallery (there are captions if you click on the pictures!)

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