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In Oaxaca City, there are children, like this young girl, who play the accordion and sing on the street for tips.
    Last night, Viola (my four year old daughter) and I were walking up Alcalá, one of the most beautiful and lively streets in Oaxaca City, and we passed this girl. 
    As we came to the girl playing the accordion, Viola was fascinated.  She sat right down and watched her.  She watched and listened attentively for nearly 20 minutes.

Almost immediately, the pair of them became of great interest to people on the crowded street.  There must have been hundreds of pictures and videos taken of the two of them in that 20 minute period.   Every group that took a picture would put a peso, or five, or 10 in the girl's cup.
    Of course, they were a sight.  Two young girls-- not too many years apart-- with two very different lives.  Viola dressed in a Triqui huipil.  The girl playing the accordion in jeans and a sweatshirt.   It was beautiful and complicated. 

Lady Cracker
7/13/2013 04:04:13 am

There is nothing quite like a cute kid to attract attention and I bet that Viola's presence upped the singers take. Viola likes to sing, too. I love Viola's outfit too.

7/14/2013 12:00:38 am

Yes, from what I could tell, during the time Viola was there, the girl got a Iot more tips.

Viola's outfit it a Triqui style huipil. And I just learned how to say 'her huipil' in Triqui: chu'nũũh (thanks to linguist Christian DiCanio!)

And more linguistic detail below:
chu'nũ=ũh 3.2=3; su huipil de ella


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